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I am sold on Kinetico water systems! My grandson, who is 12, has suffered from eczema since he was a baby. His parents tried everything to get rid of it…over the counter topical creams and lotions, fragrance free soaps…they even tried at one point changing his diet thinking that perhaps it had something to do with the dyes in the food they ate. Nothing worked. They finally ended up having to treat the eczema with steroid creams just to keep it under control. (Which was an option that they were not happy about using) It did improve his skin, but the eczema never completely went away. His skin was so dry that he would wear long sleeve shirts and long pants even in the summer to cover it up. Several months ago they put a Kinetico water softening system in their home. Within about 2 months my grandsons eczema was completely gone! He has not had a sign of it since! I still check his skin just about every time I see him just to make sure it is still gone…I am never disappointed! Credit where credit is due! Soft water DOES make a difference! - debbie m / oakville, washington

We are very happy with our new water system from Water Doctor of Washington. For one year I had a rash on my hands, red blotches. I spent over one hundred dollars for a medication which helped but it always came back. I made an appointment with Dr …. and he told me to wear plastic gloves when I had my hands in water. With this new water treatment my hands cleared up completely in a few days. I am happy! - rick k / maple valley, washington

Your service is very good. The Service Maintenance man is very good, kind and courteous. Thank you - wanda w / roy, washington

Thank you for doing a great job! - debbie s / chehalis, washington